Here is some helpful information as what to expect and will be expected of you.

You will be agreeing to have read, understand, and abide by these terms by using Dogone Right.

Dogs must wear an appropriately fitted collar or harness, one that they cannot slip out of, and have a 4-6 foot non-retractable lead. We reserve the right to request that a limited slip(martingale) collar be provided for walking a difficult to control dog. Smaller dogs are encouraged to wear a harness. Dogs must always wear identification as per the local law requires.
Your dog's equipment(i.e. leash, collar, etc), must be functional and in good repair. We will not provide service while equipment is damaged, torn, chewed, has faulty stitching, or that is ill fitting.
Also, please leave a water bowl in an obvious location so we can check it to ensure that your pet has enough water for the rest of the day.


On wet days leave a towel near the door so that we may dry off your dog after an outing.  To ensure your dog’s safety, we reserve the right to shorten walks in the event of extreme weather (temperatures exceeding 100 degrees F with heat index, or below 0 degrees F with wind chill).

Keys, Fobs, and Supplies:
If setting up a regular walking schedule or sitting service, we will need to receive a set of your house keys/fobs at the orientation visit. If we need to come back at a later time to pick up keys, there will be a $10 service fee. If we need to make copies of your keys for any reason, you will charged a $10 service fee.
Clients will provide enough food, litter, medication(if necessary) or any other necessities to last the duration of their absence. If we need to pick up any supplies that you run out of or that were not provided, the client will compensate Dogone Right for the cost of the items needed as well as a service fee of $25 for the time required to run the errand.
We urge you to keep a separate set of your own keys/fobs (do not give us the only copy)! If the unlikely event of loss of  a key/fob we will notify you and take measures to remedy the situation. You agree however, that you will not hold Dogone Right responsible or liable to cover any costs, expenses, or damages associated with changing your locks or which you incur as a result of a lost key; and expressly release us from any and all liability arising from any additional implications.


 Our services are typically scheduled within a window of 1 or 2 hour "blocks" of time. We charge 1.5 times normal posted prices for holidays. Our observed Holidays where this pricing takes effect is new years eve, new years day, Independence day, Thanksgiving, Christmas eve, Christmas day.
 If we are unable to begin a service because of our inability to access your premises or locate your equipment or pets and the delay lasts for more than 10 (ten) minutes after the time service was scheduled to begin, then Dogone Right has the right to leave the premises without providing service. In such an event you agree to pay, and will be held liable, for the full original service price.

Services are considered scheduled at the time of purchase or when an agreement of time and date is set. Payment is required before any service begins. When you reserve or schedule a service you agree and understand it is your responsibility in the event of a change or cancellation you are required to give Dogone Right 24 hour notification from the time of your scheduled service. Cancellations and rescheduling in less than 24 hours of the scheduled service time are subject to being charged full service price.  Sales are non refundable and non transferable.

- Rescheduling: If you wish to change the time of a scheduled service please call, text, or email us as soon as possible. We will try our best to accommodate your request, but if we are unable to move the visit to a different time you will be responsible for the cost of service per our cancellation policy.

- Cancellations: Any cancellation of requested services must be received AND confirmed by Dogone Right via email, text, or phone 24 hours before the scheduled service begins. Services which are not cancelled within that time will be charged the full price of the service, even if they do not take place.

If for any reason we need to cancel a scheduled service that you have prepaid for then you will be offered to reschedule for another time. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel a service at any time.

The vaccinations Dogone Right requires are the following: Rabies, Distemper, Canine Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Para-influenza, Parvovirus, Bordetella and a flea prevention measure.

All client animals must be current on all vaccinations required by law, as well as to Dogone Right's requirements. The client must provide proof of current vaccines at the orientation visit and every time vaccines are updated. You will be held responsible for any and all incidents and damages resulting from having a non-fully vaccinated animal (i.e. bite, scratch, infection, fleas,  transfer of illness/disease, medical treatment, and all veterinary, doctor, and/or damage costs)

Notifications and Visual/Social media:
By using Dogone Right's services you agree to receive our courtesy notifications regarding your pet during their time with us; also you consent to being sent notifications via phone, email, MMS or SMS text, and/or other means to the phone number and/or email address. If you prefer not to participate in these notifications please let us know in writing prior to starting services.

- Pet Pictures: We can and will take photos and/or videos of your pets while in our care. Dogone Right is the owner of, and hold the rights to, any picture or video taken. You explicitly agree that we may use these images or videos for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to: use on our website, social media platforms, or advertisement. If you do not wish to have photos or video taken of your pet, please let us know in writing prior to starting services.

Terms Of Use