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 At Dogone Right we're passionate about dogs and we aren't just pulling your chain! We believe your dog deserves the very best care while having a fun time and we pride ourselves in providing just that. Being reliable, caring, and going above and beyond is what keeps people coming back for more. We get your tail wagging by making the happiness, welfare, and safety of your pet our main priority. The results speak for themselves.

 Our knowledge, experience, and talent for working with animals lets us offer efficient training, genuine care, and thorough exercise both mentally and physically for your dog.

We try to give a new and exciting experience with every visit.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your high energy attention lovers are getting exactly what they need with us.

 During their time with us your fur-child will be able to do what dogs like to do best, whether they like to learn, play, socialize, sniff, or do their business on every tree in sight, our services will have your dog begging for more!

 Don't just take our word for it, check out some of our adventures or see what others are saying about Dogone Right below.

Dogone Right uses positive reinforcement training. 

 A reward program so to speak used in combination with technique education, understanding, and learning theory and what this all means from your dogs perspective.   

Speedy and lasting results are kindled while avoiding the use of outdated punitive methods. Because building a relationship with your dog rather than breaking it, makes us the best choice in training.

Lara m.

" Our dog Gryffon was everything we could have hoped for in a four-pawed family member. Sadly, he came to us with a few bumps and bruises from his past, both emotionally and physically. While wonderfully affectionate, he would hide and growl at strangers. Robbie was extraordinarily helpful at teaching us to read Gryffon's body language for signs of stress or anxiety and giving us the training to ensure his comfort when encountering new people. We saw almost instant improvement, Robbie kept working with us to reduce his fears, and transform him into the social, friendly, and outgoing dog he is today. We are forever thankful for Robbie's guidance bringing Gryffon out of his shell, and are so proud at how far he has come. I would highly recommend Robbie to any pet parent who is facing a challenge with their pet, or even just for general obedience. The tool kit he gave us has made us better dog owners, and I know Gryffon is a happier and more confident dog as a result.

" I know Robbie through his involvement with the Jail Dogs. I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Robbie was eager to shadow me to learn all about dog training. He is kind, patient, and great at figuring out the best way to communicate with a dog. If your dog needs basic obedience and/or manners I recommend Robbie.

Tricia h.

Kind Words From Clients


 I'm Robbie, a Midwest born animal lover with a soft spot for pups. I grew up beside family pets like they were siblings. I've been a lifelong dog owner and am currently "dad" to a rescued Shepherd-Spaniel mix who has become an irreplaceable companion in my life. I genuinely love the work I do and could not imagine a life for anyone without the joy of a four-legged friend.
In addition to dog training, I have a certifications in animal behavior and CPR and continue to expand my knowledge in animal psychology. I have interned as a veterinary technician at VCA animal clinics.  I've spent countless hours working and volunteering with rescue groups, low cost spay/neuter clinics, and adoption agencies, and rehab centers. I have helped care for, rehabilitate, train, exercise, and foster quite the mix of different types and sizes of dogs.  The best well-being is the ultimate goal and my knowledge and experience in nutrition, holistic foods, and dog products helps along the way too. I've had the challenge of working with dogs in every size and shape you can imagine who have had issues ranging from biting and aggression, to special needs and are geriatric, or simply dogs that need a bit more practice with what they already know.
I am always striving to be better at what I do and not limit myself in my field. I have found this is what makes all the difference between success and failure when identifying and resolving issues.
I've enjoyed the honor of getting to know, working alongside, and learning from great, caring people in this industry and always look for more opportunities.
Working with animals is a lesson in patience and a learning experience that never stops. Nothing compares to the reward of seeing a change for the better. It's all worth it for that slobbery smile at the end of the day.

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